Core Range

Because some beers are just too damn good not to have available every day of the year …

Nail Ale

Our classic and the original Nail beer has been brewed since the beginning, it’s our flagship and our most loved. Delicate fruity and floral aromas, a touch of sweetness and mild bitterness. Style: Australian Pale Ale | ABV: 4.7% Available 50lt kegs and 16x330ml bottles

Nail Golden

A golden ale with some heft and an aroma that’ll have you thinking about running away to a tropical island! Full of tropical fruit character from generous late hop additions, our Golden Ale is bright and juicy and packed with flavour. Style: Golden Ale ABV: 5.0% Available: 50lt kegs and 16x330ml bottles

Nail Red

This American bad boy is full of US Citra hops and plenty of malt. Originally appearing as Brew Log Collection #4 but was too good brew just once. American inspired, bursting with floral and citrus hops and balanced by caramel notes from speciality malts. Style: American Red Ale ABV: 6.0% Available: 50lt kegs and 16x330ml bottles  

Nail Stout

Who says stout is only for winter?! We don’t believe in such a thing! One of Australia’s most awarded stouts. Chocolate and coffee malt character wrapped within a smooth and luscious body. Style: Oatmeal Stout ABV: 6.0% Available: 50lt kegs and 16x330ml bottles

Nail Imperial Brown

Yep, that’s right. Our 8 percent imperial brown ale is available all year long because we love it THAT much. Dedicated to Australian brewing legend Hugh Dunn. A rich and strong brown ale loaded with complex malt characters and fruity esters with a warming finish. Style: Imperial Brown Ale ABV: 8.0% Available: 50lt kegs and… Continue reading →

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