Clout Stout 2016, all it needs is time

With the new branding being rolled out as we speak, something else happened in the brewery recently that is cause for excitement – Clout Stout 2016 has been bottled.

If you have never tried Clout Stout before we would urge you to change that immediately!

Our Clout Stout is brewed every year and started in 2010 as a ten year celebration of our brewery that was established in March 2000.

The beer is a Russian Imperial Stout, a black ballsy beer that demands attention and rewards you with something luscious, something rich and something beautiful.

Clout Stout

We hand bottle and hand label a limited number of bottles and present them in premium black gift boxes. Last year we bottled just 700 for the whole of Australia. Sometimes, if you are very lucky, you’ll find a keg turn up and well, that really is cause for celebration!

Consistently voted into critic’s choice and people’s choice lists of great Australian beers, we are so proud to present Clout Stout every year and always look forward to the next release.

John recommends drinking fresh or, if you have the patience, cellaring for two years.

Aptly named, a Clout Stout has a massive amount of clout. The level of focus , patience, tinkering and tailoring from owner and brewer, John Stallwood, ensures this limited edition brew remains a magnificent beer for savouring (I suggest aromatically for 15mins before your first sip), great for collaring and due to the iconic effort and status of the brew, this beer can only truly be appreciated with shared with great friends and divine lover’s of beer.

Ian Kingham, The Critic’s’ Choice Australia’s Best Beers 2013

2016 Clout Stout now just needs time to sit before it’s ready for release in August. In the meantime, head to your local independent bottle shop and see if you can get yourself a 2015 bottle, gather your friends and enjoy!

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